Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lead Generation Steps


Now a days Lead Generation is very important thing for every professional & Web Design and Development companies. Lead Generation mostly used to generate the leads from the consumers and convert as sales to the business.It would be that B2b marketing side would concentrate mostly on awareness and branding activities.

Important steps:

        1. Local Ads Creation
        2. National Ads Creation
        3. International Ads Creation
        4. Forums New thread creation
        5. To understand your target market
        6. Capture the Leads through website
        7. Business Directory Submission
        8. B2b portal Website submission
        9. Niche Directory Submission
      10. Yellow pages submission
      11. Buy Google ads-PPC
      12. Use direct mail to entice customers-Outbound Marketing
      13. Promote your company at trade shows- we are service oriented company
      14. Brand promotion- We have already branding.


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