Monday, 24 February 2014

Difference Between Responsive Web Design and Adaptive Web Design

Responsive Design:

Responsive design is a type of web design that provides a customized viewing experience for different browser platforms that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries. The aim of responsive design is make a website structure as perfect while visitors seeing that website in different devices like Laptop, Smart phones and tablet.Many Web Design Company Offering this Responsive Web Design to their consumers for getting more impressions on their website from mobile users.

A website which is done by Responsive web design that display all the devices on the same set of URLs and that each URL serving the same HTML coding to all kind of devices by make some change in CSS.

Adaptive Design:

Adaptive web design is the same process of Responsive web design but the difference are based on some kind of changes are made on server side rather than the client side. Adaptive website means that website is designing by using the responsive techniques to adapt the different kind of screen sizes as well as the consumers or user requirements based on their device capabilities.

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Differences between Responsive Design and Adaptive Design:

Responsive Design
  • Responsive design can use media queries,CSS3,media rule and fluid grids to detect the device.
  • Exact size of Flexible images and fluid grids are used to fit the display screen.
  • Single template only using for all kind of devices.
  • This would be approached by Comprehensive approach.
  • This could designed to support all the features that accept a mobile device,tablet device and web browser.
  • Website loading time is very slow.
  • Site images would be downloaded as full sizes and then resized to suitable the device.
  • Website would have to undertake for rebuild.
  • Website should be user friendly and customized for every possible device.
  • Easier to utilize for brand new web builds.
  • The performance of sites is poor across multitude of devices

Adaptive Design:
  • Adaptive design could be use server side or client side code to detect the device.
  • It can serve separate HTML using Cascading Style Sheets to change the presentation of a website based on device's screen size.
  • The information is downloaded as pre-selected and mobile optimized assets.
  • Distinct templates are optimizing for each device.
  • This would be approached by Streamlined, layered approach.
  • Website loading time is faster.
  • It could only loads the required resources for the user's device.
  • Images are optimized for particular screen resolutions,and reducing size of file and loading time.
  • Templates of adaptive designs are implemented on a pre-existing site.
  • Developers should having strong skills in Javascript to use this technique.
  • Its not need to required for rebuild.
  • The performance of site is Ideal  across multitude of devices.

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