Monday, 21 April 2014

Differences Between Blogging and Micro-blogging

In this blog we are going to learn about what is blogging and micro-blogging and what are the distinguishes were between them.


Blogging is a type of online diary and people or blogger can post whatever they want to express the people though the content. There is no limited characters for content or description to explain the topic or general items. Blogging would have to explain the specific topic or segment which may also contain images and hyperlinks.

The blogger could be control user comments, and other people or blogger can able to followed those blog as subscribers, which means that they would get notifications via emails or messages whenever the blog owner posts a new article.Most of Web Design Company people and SEO people using this blogging techniques to briefly explaining those company services and business with the long content.


Micro-blogging is the short update of blogging that allows to only 140 characters to explain the detail in the format like twit. Twitter is the best example for micro-blogging. It is also called as nano blogging. We can not use the full length of URL in micro-blogging post. So we can choose the shorten URL.

If Micro-bloggers updating any status,that could be displayed those time line and also who are the members of his circle of friends.Most of business people using the techniques of Micro-blogging to promote their business products and services by make some attractive heading with shorten URL regarding those product details.

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Difference Between Blogging and Micro-blogging:

  • The first thing of difference is the characters limit. Usually a blogger have no limit of characters to explain the things in blogging sites. But micro-bloggers have restricted to limit of characters like 140-150. 
  • Blogger might be update the content two days once but micro-bloggers keeps updating minute by minute.
  • Some web 2.0 websites,blog creation websites are maintained by blogger for update the blog posts. Some social media network such as twitter,Facebook fan page,Linked In group,Pinterest etc are maintained by micro-bloggers for the purpose of micro-blogging.
  • Micro-blogging is the real time updating service and audience getting immediate information it the fraction of time.
  • Blogging would express the information with including pictures,diagram,hyperlinks,audio and video etc. But micro-blogging contains only two line of description or shorten URL.

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