Friday, 25 April 2014

35 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Website

You should following these best SEO tips on your web pages make your keyword ranking as higher position on Search Engines. I separated the tricks in two level named higher and Medium priority.

Higher Priority :

  1. Create the design as user friendly to the search engine by hiring good Web Design company.
  2. Write great and unique content on your website.
  3. Always updating new content regarding you business and services.
  4. Create XML and HTML sitemap and upload on your websites
  5. Create robots.txt file
  6. Make good keyword phrase specific to your web pages.
  7. Choose popular keywords with good competition.
  8. Register Domain name with your keyword phrase.
  9. Insert the keywords in your website title tag.
  10. Insert the keyword phrase on your website inner page URL.
  11. Do not insert more that two keywords on your website content.
  12. Use your target keyword phrase on your content headline.
  13. Make anchor text link to your keywords on web page content.
  14. Get inbound links to your website from other website.
  15. Focus to get backinks from Reputable websites
  16. Focus to get backlinks from Similar websites
  17. Focus to get backlinks from .edu and .gov websites.
  18. Focus to get backlinks from high page rank and do-follow websites.
  19. Implement the effective link building methods to build more quality backlinks.
Web Designing Companies

Medium Priority

  1. Make attractive image with your website content.
  2. Use Your keywords at the top of HTML.
  3. Insert the keywords as ALT tag to your logo and banner image.
  4. Write a unique meta description.
  5. Insert your target keywords on your meta description.
  6. Don't over optimize the keywords on website content and meta data.
  7. Give a hyperlink to the image of you content.
  8. Maintain your web page up to date.
  9. Do not misspell your keywords in your website content. 
  10. Do not use more that 10 words in your website URL.
  11. Change the URL in Static format.
  12. Remove broken links from your websites.
  13. Strictly avoid duplicate contents .
  14. Avoid redirect to another domain.
  15. Avoid invisible text on your website.
  16. Avoid display the different content to a spider than a visitors.

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