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Online Reputation Management - Techniques and Tactics

Online reputation management is the process of increase the visibility of company branding name and positive reviews or decrease the visibility of negative reviews on Search Engine Result page (SERP) by implement the quality strategies of Search Engine Optimization.

The main Part of Company's growth is contained improve the branding name and collect more people by the positive perception. First of all Companies and individual person should spread their good items regarding their services among the people and to stop the spread of negative public opinion and comments. These are done by implement the process of Online Reputation Management.

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Search Engine Reputation Management:

Most of Professional companies and Consulting Companies using this tactics of Search Engine Reputation management System to make the positive thoughts and good perception about that while people seeking the information about their company through Search Engine.Two strategies are available in this system
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Online Content Management(OCM)
The main part of this strategy is create the quality content with many kind of good and positive things regarding the entities.We could protect our companies reputation by involving in PR activity,Blogs, Building Social media profiles,participating in Social media networks and promoting our existing content.

Techniques of Online Reputation Management:
  1. Getting Positive Feedback and Reviews
  2. Article Marketing and Content Marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Social network marketing
  5. Replacing or Invisibility the Bad things.
1.Getting Positive Feedback and Reviews:

Some Competitors and affected people registering their negative thoughts and comments regarding that company's services and behavior on some review sites and forum sites. These are the main problem to that company for maintain their reputation level. If that negative reviews visible on the first page of search results,you need to that links down as quick as possible.

Make positive reviews on local based websites like Google local listing, Local reviews websites Help to cover the business people near by your area.Some of Website Development Company and Professional Companies having good positive reviews on Google listing.Because they knows the techniques and tactics in Online reputation Management for improve their company's branding name.

2.Article Marketing and Content Marketing:

Creating Articles with good and quality content and posting that in best and high page rank article submitting websites is the good strategy in ORM. The algorithm of Google search engine is always giving first preference to the links which containing the quality and unique content. So marketing the good content would helpful to make positive results on SERP.


There are two type of blogs name Business blog and Personal blog. Business blog is a good choice to promote our business and services. Because it only have many aspects and features to get the good result in Online Reputation Management.

4.Social network marketing:

Now a day Social media networks plays an effective role in promoting the business and make the quality branding to organizations. Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter,LinkedIn are the most famous networking sites to helpful for connecting the people among all over the world.

5.Replacing or Invisibility the Bad things:

The best method and techniques to eliminate or decrease the position of bad reviews is promoting the good content. Participate in more guest post, web 2.0 websites and creating thread in forum websites can help to overcome that case.

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