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Best OFF page strategies and Link Building strategies in SEO

List of Best OFF page and Link Building Strategies:
  1.  Search Engine Submission
  2.  Directory Submission
  3.  Business Directory Submission
  4.  Article submission
  5. Social bookmaking
  6. Forum posting
  7. Blog Creations
  8. Blog Commenting
  9. Press Release submission
  10. Local & Global Classified submission
  11. Yellow Submission
  12. Image Optimization
  13. Video Optimization
  14. Local SEO
  15. PPT optimization
  16. PDF Optimization
  17. wiki/Yahoo Answers
  18. hup pages & Squido Lens creation
  19. Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,Pinterest Promotion
  20. Youtube Promotion
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1. Search Engine Submission:

Search Engine Submission is the process of add our website adding the URL of the site or page in many search engine submission websites that will be under consideration.Some website will ask the additional contact information, including name and/or email address regarding websites. 

2. Directory Submission:

In Directory Submission we submit own site URL,Email Address,catagory and small description to another site.The main requirement for directory submission is Website URL,Email ID and Description.

3. Business Directory Submission:

In this strategy we update all the details of our company like company name,contact address,services name,products name,map location etc in business directory websites.This strategy is help to get the business people from targeted countries. But we would spend some money do this one to the website.

4. Article submission:

Article submission is a long term SEO practice which will help  to improve our  website’s page rank, traffic and build quality backlinks. In this strategy we update the content regarding some interesting topics in other article submission websites.That content should be unique and quality.Then only it should be valuable for getting good result.

5. Social bookmaking:

Social bookmarking means we bookmark our website details with our website URL,Keywords with specified category in different bookmarking websites.Choose only high page rank and dofollow bookmarking websites for keyword ranking improvement.

6. Forum Submission:

Forum means it is an online discussion group.We could easily discussion regarding all the topics like web design & development,SEO and General things with some experts through forum website.We could inserting our keywords as signature links while we update  the post in discussion.We could build more quality and unexpired backlinks to our website.Web Development Companies experts and Web Design Companies People are establish their experience and give the solutions regarding web development queries among the people.

7. Blog Creations:

There are so many Blog creation websites available in search engine.We could easily promote our content and business services to the users by creating more blogs. 

8. Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is nothing but make a comment in the blog regarding the information or post of that blog.We could inserting our keyword with href links while comment posting.The main benefits of Blog commenting is generate backlinks and improve the keyword rankings.

9. Press Release submission:

Press release submission is the same process and methods of Article submission. In this strategy also we update the quality content regarding our business and company profiles and advertisement in press release submission websites.

10. Local and Global Classified submission:

Classified submission can be used for any business and this has made people spend in advertising different kinds of products and services around the Local and Global level.

11. Yellow pages Submission:

It means listing our details and information regarding our business in yellow pages websites.The main advantages of this strategy is we could get a business from foreign countries and targeted places.

12. Image Optimization:

The file size of an image and photo is "optimized" when it is reduced from the original source file to a size and quality setting that's appropriate to its use in a web page.

13. Video Optimization:

This process is used to describe optimizing video content for search engine traffic.We could generate more traffic to our website by video optimization.

14. Local SEO:

Local SEO means We update our company details,contact number,address,exact map location in Google places and local listing.Google will show our company profiles,contact address with map while local users using specific keywords.

15. PPT optimization:

It means Share our PPT Documents regarding our business services and company profiles in PPT submission websites.It could help to make visitors to entering in our website.

16. PDF Optimization:

This also the same process of PPT optimization.Share our company PDF document with different document sharing websites.

17. Wiki/Yahoo Answers:

It is participate the discussion in wiki and yahoo answers.By posting the answer to the questions regarding any topics in wiki and yahoo,we could collect more visitors to our website.

18. Hup pages & Squido Lens creation:

These are top web 2.0 websites for promote our content regarding any interesting topic.These websites only accept the unique and quality content otherwise it would block and spam our account

19.Twitter,Facebook,LinkedIn,Pinterest Promotion:

These are the best social media websites for promoting our business and products among all over the world.We could easily make more branding to our business by the way of promotion in social media networks.

20. Youtube Promotion:

We could easily promote our videos regarding products and services by uploading on Youtube websites.

Most of Web Design Company and SEO companies are implementing these above list of OFF page Strategies to improve the keyword ranking position and search engine ranking result(SERP).These above OFF page strategies should helpful to build more backlinks to your website and make more visibility to your website among the people by placing the website position on top place of Search Engine. Zinavo Technologies is the Top Web Design Company in India and providing the quality services in Search Engine Optimization and Link Building Methods with different affordable packages.

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