Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Top Google Doodles of 2013

This New Year's Eve 2013 marked by an Animated Google Doodle:

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Date : December 31,2013

This is a Google Doodle Image for New Year 2014.New Year's Eve 2013 has inspired the last doodle of the year.

This Google's Third Happy Holidays Doodle:

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Date : December 26,2013

Google has posted a third Happy Holidays doodle in as many days. Just like the doodle on Christmas day and Christmas Eve, Thursday's Google doodle is rather simple, in stark contrast to some of the more interactive ones we've seen in recent times

Christmas Day Google:

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Date : December 25,2013

Google's Christmas day doodle depicted an unidentifiable city enveloped in festive cheer, with buildings lit up and a Christmas tree marking the occasion.

Winter Solstice:

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Date : December 21,2013

Winter solstice is the day that the maximum elevation of the sun, which gets lower as the winter arrives, reaches its lowest value. After this day, the maximum elevation of the sun starts to increase.

Physicial Carlos Juan Finlay Remembrance:

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Date : December 03,2013

The 180th birth anniversary of Carlos Juan Finlay, Cuban physician and scientist known for his work on the treatment of yellow fever, has been marked with a Google doodle. Finlay was nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, but never won. He died on 20 August 1915 in Havana, Cuba, due to a stroke said to be caused by severe brain seizures.  

Children's Day

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Date : November 14,2013

Doodle 4 Google 2013's winner is being featured on the Google home page in India on the occasion of Children's Day. The winning entry is by a class 10 student from Pune.

Day Hermann Rorschach,s 129th Birthday:

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Date : November 08,2013

Friday's interactive Google doodle honouring Hermann Rorschach features different inkblot patterns that can be browsed by clicking on them or on the navigation array keys. The doodle also features a 'Share what you see button' that allows you to share your interpretation of the inkblot on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. The doodle also features a sketch of Hermann Rorschach sitting and making notes.

Sir CV Raman's 125th Birthday:

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Date : November 07,2013

One of India's most prolific scientists, Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was awarded the Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 for discovering that when light passes through a transparent material, some part of the deflected light changes in wavelength. The phenomenon was part of a theory that was named Raman effect, after the physicist himself.

Google's 15th Birthday:

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Date : November 07,2013

 Friday's Google doodle features a piñata that sports the colours of the Google logo. The alphabets in the Google logo are part of the celebration and the blindfolded, second 'G' alphabet holds a stick with which users have to hit the piñata when it comes close, to try and extract the maximum number of sweets that fall with each hit, in ten limited chances. Users can play with the Space bar key of their keyboards or even with the computer mouse. They can even share the score on Google+.

Leon Foucault's Birthday:

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Date : September 18,2013

The French physicist's 194th birthday has been marked by showcasing one of his most prolific works.
The interactive Google doodle showcases the Foucault Pendulum, a device which was invented by Foucault to demonstrate the effect of earth's rotation. The doodle features two toggles for time and the position on the earth. Different combinations make the pendulum knock down pins placed at at different positions.

M. S. Subbulakshmi's 97th Birthday

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Date : September 16,2013

Subbulakshmi was a renowned Carnatic vocalist and the first Indian musician to be honoured with country's highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, in 1998, and the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award in 1974.Google doodle features a portrait of Subbulakshmi playing the instrument tanpura along with other instruments used in Carnatic music including ghatamtabla and mridangam.

Labour Day 2013:

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Date : May 01,2013

Labour Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the economic and social achievements of the workers. It is not celebrated on May 1 in every country as they have their own days to honour the workers, like on the first Monday of September in the United States and Canada.

The Google doodle shows different kinds of workers going about their business. The first is the female knowledge worker who can be seen typing away right next to the G in the Google logo. Next up is a guy sitting atop the first O watering a plan atop the G, while another guy paints this O below. Finally, a female worker is seen holding tools right next to the E.

Day India's First Passenger Train Journey:

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Date : April 16,2013

The Google doodle celebrates the 160th anniversary of this journey - rather inaccurately some might say - by depicting a single steam engine lugging a train towards the reader. The front part of the engine form the first 'O' in Google

Day Leonhard Euler's 306th Birthday:

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Date : April 15,2013

Leonhard Euler's 306th birthday is the subject of Monday's Google doodle. Euler is perhaps best known for making important discoveries in the field of calculus and graph theory.Euler's influence best on mathematics is perhaps best summarised by Pierre-Simon Laplace, who is believed to have said, "Read Euler, read Euler, he is the master of us all."

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