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Important Factors and Basic Process for Beginners of SEO

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improve the keyword rankings and website position on top place on Search Engine Result Page. We could improve the number of visitors to a particular website by implement the Search Engine Optimization Process.

Types of SEO:
  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Gray Hat SEO
Methods of SEO:
  1. ON page optimization
  2. OFF page optimization

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Importance of SEO:
  • The main process of Search Engine Optimization is make a benefits to website website owner by increase the traffic of websites.
  • Based on the specific keywords SEO can generate good traffic and ultimately affect the revenue for e-commerce site. You can see many e-commerce sites which are getting success with SEO to get more traffic.
  • A Search Engine Optimizer needs to look for the new keywords and work on specific key words to get new traffic.
  • The ultimate goal for the website owner and SEO is to get the traffic and appears in first five pages of the search engine and maintain the positing online and also to get the repetitive users on their website.
SEO Spam:

Spam is the practice of creating websites that will be illegitimately indexed with a high ranking position in the search engines that means manipulate a search engine's understanding of a category.

Sand Box in SEO:

The Google sandbox refers to a commonly held belief that Google has a filter that places all new websites under restrictions for a certain amount of time to prevent them from ranking in searches.


Backlinks are nothing but a link come from another websites to our website.It is also called as inbound links or incoming links.Backlinks are very important thing in Search Engine Optimization to improve the performance of website and keyword ranking.

Page Rank:

Page rank is a way of analyzing the performance of website. Page rank is determined by the amount of traffics,inbound and outbound links of website. Google Algorithm give the page rank from 0 to 10 to every websites according it's quality and perforrnance. 

Google analytics:

Google Analytics (GA) is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic.

Google webmaster:

Google Webmaster Tools is a free online service from Google that helps you manage your website or blog, or those of your clients.

How Search engine index the pages?
  • Search engine indexing collects, parses, and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate information retrieval.
  • The search engine indexing process takes the detailed information collected by the search engine spider (web crawler) and analyses the information.                                                          
How Search engine ranks the page?
  • Search for anything using your favorite crawler-based search engine. Nearly instantly, the search engine will sort through the millions of pages it knows about and present you with ones that match your topic.
  • The matches will even be ranked, so that the most relevant ones come first.

Keywords are words or phrases that describe content. The keywords are the words that web surfers use in the search engines to look for the product/service/information needed. 

Keyword research:

Keyword research is the process of determining what keywords are used in search engines by potential customer.

How to analyse keywords?

Through Google adwords we can analyse the keywords.For example if you want to Website Design Company related keyword means just type that keyword on search box of Google adwords.It will give all the web design company's related keywords like Web Designing Company,Web Design Companies,Web Development Company,Web Design Company India,Website Designing Companies etc.

SEO copy writing:

SEO copywriting is the creation, editing, or reformatting of text content on web pages that assists search engines in the discovery, indexing, and ranking of web sites. 

Robots code:

Generate effective robots.txt files that help ensure Google and other search engines are crawling and indexing your site properly.

HTML sitemap:
  • This is a file that contains all the URLs for a domain.
  • It is used to provide and easy way for visitors to navigate to any of the pages in the domain.  It can also be used as an integral part of the internal SEO link strategy. 
XML Sitemap:

A list of pages you want the Search Engines to find which is created in XML format and submitted to the Search Engines.

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