Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Main Reason for Declining the Website Traffics

Internet users has increased drastically in recent years. Because more than thousands of website evolving everyday due to online business and professional business. Every business companies having their own website for their business purpose to make sales and leads. Unfortunately some website owners do not understand the value and importance of search engine visibility and promotions which help to improve the web traffic. Traffic count plays an important role to get the business through the website.

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There are many reasons as to why a website or blog may not be getting enough traffics and visitors.

Poor Search Engine Optimization:

First thing of declining the website traffic is your website does not indexed in Search Engine Result Page. If your website had not been quality ON page and OFF page optimization means it would not get visibility among the users who are getting the information through organic search result by using specified keywords. Now a day most of people search the information and website though organic result of search engine .So make website position on top place of Organic result is the excellent way to improve the website traffic.

How to Fix it: Optimize your website with perfect ON page factors. Choose the competition keywords and analysis it. Because all the people in the world using competition keywords to get the information. If your website getting visibility while people using that keywords,it would make them to entering in your website. So you should aim for high competition keywords.

Poor Web Design:

Attractive, Eye catching and quality design would help for your website to get more impressions among the internet users. If users do not like the design of website they should walk out immediately. So design of the website is very important to attract the people and make them spend more time on our website especially for Website Design company. If your website design could being user friendly to the search engine means it would give more preference

How to fix it: Choose the best Web Design Company to make your website with quality and attractive design. A great website design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Check out design theme sites like Web development company for professional site.

Web Content is Not Useful or Reliable:

The reason of people visit your website to get the best and unique information with the help of good content. If your website content not good or not useful to the users they could not spend more time on your website. Even Search Algorithm also giving first priority to web content. So your website bounce rate would be increase due to your bad content.

How to fix it: Make your website content as unique and interesting information. Content should be satisfy the user expectation. You should not copied the content from other website or blog otherwise search engine considered your content as spam.

Poor Website Performance and Maintenance:

Website maintenance is very important thing to collect a visitors as well as keep to good place in search engines. If maintenance of our website should be effectively,then we could keep more visitors to our websites. If the website had been taken more time to loading it would lost their users. Because users are more likely to leave a website if website does not load in 7 to 8 seconds. So if your website may be ranking on search engine or getting traffic from organic search result and social media but as soon as people leave the website without entering due to slow loading time.

How to fix it: Reduce the loading time of website and increase the speed. Improve the website performance by analyzing the website and maintaining the website properly.We could improve our website quality and performance by the help of Top Web Design Company.

Not Enough on Online and Social Media Promotion:

The biggest drawback of reducing the traffic of website is not proper promotion on Social media networks. Now a day most of business people spending long time on social media networks. We could easily improve our website traffic by the effective way of promotion on Social medias.

How To Fix it: Implement the Promotional activities include building quality backlinks to your website, connecting with people on social media, creating advertising campaigns on PPC(Pay Per Click) and Facebook and search engine optimization.

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